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F.A. Cup competition results from 1997/1998

A full listing of matches played in the competition throughout the season

Available competitions and seasons   
Saturday, 16th May 1998
Arsenal (PREM)2Newcastle United (PREM)079,183
played at Wembley
Semi Final
Sunday, 5th April 1998
Arsenal (PREM)1Wolverhampton Wanderers (LD1)039,372
played at Villa Park
Newcastle United (PREM)1Sheffield United (LD1)053,452
played at Old Trafford
6th Round Replay
Tuesday, 17th March 1998
Sheffield United (LD1)1Coventry City (PREM)129,034
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Sheffield United won 3-1 on penalties
West Ham United (PREM)1Arsenal (PREM)125,859
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Arsenal won 4-3 on penalties
6th Round
Saturday, 7th March 1998
Coventry City (PREM)1Sheffield United (LD1)123,084
Leeds United (PREM)0Wolverhampton Wanderers (LD1)139,902
Sunday, 8th March 1998
Arsenal (PREM)1West Ham United (PREM)138,077
Newcastle United (PREM)3Barnsley (PREM)136,695
5th Round Replay
Wednesday, 25th February 1998
Barnsley (PREM)3Manchester United (PREM)218,655
Blackburn Rovers (PREM)1West Ham United (PREM)121,972
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0, West Ham United won 5-4 on penalties
Crystal Palace (PREM)1Arsenal (PREM)215,674
Wolverhampton Wanderers (LD1)2Wimbledon (PREM)125,112
5th Round
Friday, 13th February 1998
Sheffield United (LD1)1Reading (LD1)017,845
Saturday, 14th February 1998
Aston Villa (PREM)0Coventry City (PREM)136,979
Leeds United (PREM)3Birmingham City (LD1)235,463
Newcastle United (PREM)1Tranmere Rovers (LD1)036,675
West Ham United (PREM)2Blackburn Rovers (PREM)225,729
Wimbledon (PREM)1Wolverhampton Wanderers (LD1)115,322
Sunday, 15th February 1998
Arsenal (PREM)0Crystal Palace (PREM)037,164
Manchester United (PREM)1Barnsley (PREM)154,700
4th Round Replay
Tuesday, 3rd February 1998
Reading (LD1)1Cardiff City (LD3)111,808
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Reading won 4-3 on penalties
Sheffield United (LD1)1Ipswich Town (LD1)014,144
Wolverhampton Wanderers (LD1)3Charlton Athletic (LD1)020,429
Wednesday, 4th February 1998
Barnsley (PREM)3Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)118,220
Newcastle United (PREM)2Stevenage Borough (CONF)136,705
4th Round
Saturday, 24th January 1998
Aston Villa (PREM)4West Bromwich Albion (LD1)039,372
Birmingham City (LD1)2Stockport County (LD1)115,882
Cardiff City (LD3)1Reading (LD1)110,174
Charlton Athletic (LD1)1Wolverhampton Wanderers (LD1)115,540
Coventry City (PREM)2Derby County (PREM)022,824
Crystal Palace (PREM)3Leicester City (PREM)015,489
Huddersfield Town (LD1)0Wimbledon (PREM)114,533
Ipswich Town (LD1)1Sheffield United (LD1)114,654
Leeds United (PREM)2Grimsby Town (LD2)029,598
Manchester United (PREM)5Walsall (LD2)154,669
Middlesbrough (LD1)1Arsenal (PREM)228,264
Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)1Barnsley (PREM)128,722
Tranmere Rovers (LD1)1Sunderland (LD1)014,055
Sunday, 25th January 1998
Manchester City (LD1)1West Ham United (PREM)226,495
Stevenage Borough (CONF)1Newcastle United (PREM)18,040
Monday, 26th January 1998
Sheffield Wednesday (PREM)0Blackburn Rovers (PREM)315,940
3rd Round Replay
Tuesday, 13th January 1998
Bury (LD1)1Sheffield United (LD1)24,920
Ipswich Town (LD1)1Bristol Rovers (LD2)011,362
Middlesbrough (LD1)2Queens Park Rangers (LD1)021,817
Wrexham (LD2)2Wimbledon (PREM)39,539
Wednesday, 14th January 1998
Aston Villa (PREM)1Portsmouth (LD1)023,355
Port Vale (LD1)1Arsenal (PREM)114,964
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0, Arsenal won 4-3 on penalties
Sheffield Wednesday (PREM)0Watford (LD2)018,707
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0, Shefield Wednesday won 5-3 on penalties
Tuesday, 20th January 1998
Reading (LD1)2Cheltenham Town (CONF)19,686
3rd Round
Saturday, 3rd January 1998
Arsenal (PREM)0Port Vale (LD1)037,471
Barnsley (PREM)1Bolton Wanderers (PREM)015,042
Blackburn Rovers (PREM)4Wigan Athletic (LD2)222,402
Bristol Rovers (LD2)1Ipswich Town (LD1)18,610
Cardiff City (LD3)1Oldham Athletic (LD2)06,635
Charlton Athletic (LD1)4Nottingham Forest (LD1)113,827
Crewe Alexandra (LD1)1Birmingham City (LD1)24,607
Crystal Palace (PREM)2Scunthorpe United (LD3)011,624
Derby County (PREM)2Southampton (PREM)027,992
Grimsby Town (LD2)3Norwich City (LD1)08,161
Leeds United (PREM)4Oxford United (LD1)020,568
Leicester City (PREM)4Northampton Town (LD2)020,608
Liverpool (PREM)1Coventry City (PREM)333,888
Manchester City (LD1)2Bradford City (LD1)023,686
Portsmouth (LD1)2Aston Villa (PREM)216,013
Preston North End (LD2)1Stockport County (LD1)212,180
Queens Park Rangers (LD1)2Middlesbrough (LD1)213,379
Rotherham United (LD3)1Sunderland (LD1)511,500
Sheffield United (LD1)1Bury (LD1)114,009
Swindon Town (LD1)1Stevenage Borough (CONF)29,422
Watford (LD2)1Sheffield Wednesday (PREM)118,306
West Ham United (PREM)2Wakefield (N/L)118,629
Sunday, 4th January 1998
Chelsea (PREM)3Manchester United (PREM)534,792
Everton (PREM)0Newcastle United (PREM)120,885
Wimbledon (PREM)0Wrexham (LD2)06,349
Monday, 5th January 1998
Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)3Fulham (LD2)127,909
Tuesday, 13th January 1998
AFC Bournemouth (LD2)0Huddersfield Town (LD1)17,385
Cheltenham Town (CONF)1Reading (LD1)16,000
Hereford United (CONF)0Tranmere Rovers (LD1)37,473
Peterborough United (LD3)0Walsall (LD2)212,809
West Bromwich Albion (LD1)3Stoke City (LD1)117,598
Wednesday, 14th January 1998
Darlington (LD3)0Wolverhampton Wanderers (LD1)45,018
2nd Round Replay
Monday, 15th December 1997
Stevenage Borough (CONF)2Cambridge United (LD3)14,886
Tuesday, 16th December 1997
Basingstoke Town (N/L)0Northampton Town (LD2)04,943
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0, Northampton Town won 4-3 on penalties
Boreham Wood (N/L)0Cheltenham Town (CONF)21,615
Chesterfield (LD2)0Grimsby Town (LD2)24,553
Hereford United (CONF)1Colchester United (LD3)13,725
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Hereford United won 5-4 on penalties
Notts. County (LD3)1Preston North End (LD2)23,052
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1
Watford (LD2)2Torquay United (LD3)15,848
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0
Wednesday, 17th December 1997
Ilkeston (N/L)1Scunthorpe United (LD3)22,109
Wakefield (N/L)3Lincoln City (LD3)34,891
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-2, Emley won 4-3 on penalties
2nd Round
Friday, 5th December 1997
Chester City (LD3)0Wrexham (LD2)25,224
Saturday, 6th December 1997
Cambridge United (LD3)1Stevenage Borough (CONF)14,847
Cardiff City (LD3)3Hendon (N/L)12,578
Cheltenham Town (CONF)1Boreham Wood (N/L)13,525
Colchester United (LD3)1Hereford United (CONF)13,558
Fulham (LD2)1Southend United (LD2)08,537
Grimsby Town (LD2)2Chesterfield (LD2)24,762
Hednesford Town (CONF)0Darlington (LD3)11,900
Lincoln City (LD3)2Wakefield (N/L)23,729
Macclesfield Town (LD3)0Walsall (LD2)73,566
Northampton Town (LD2)1Basingstoke Town (N/L)15,881
Oldham Athletic (LD2)2Blackpool (LD2)16,590
Peterborough United (LD3)3Dagenham & Redbridge (N/L)25,572
Preston North End (LD2)2Notts. County (LD3)27,583
Rotherham United (LD3)6King's Lynn (N/L)05,883
Scunthorpe United (LD3)1Ilkeston (N/L)14,187
Torquay United (LD3)1Watford (LD2)13,416
Wigan Athletic (LD2)2York City (LD2)14,021
Wisbech Town (N/L)0Bristol Rovers (LD2)23,593
Sunday, 7th December 1997
AFC Bournemouth (LD2)3Bristol City (LD2)15,687
1st Round Replay
Monday, 24th November 1997
Stevenage Borough (CONF)5Carshalton Athletic (N/L)02,377
Tuesday, 25th November 1997
Basingstoke Town (N/L)2Wycombe Wanderers (LD2)25,085
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-2, Basingstoke Town won 5-4 on penalties
Burnley (LD2)0Rotherham United (LD3)33,118
Cambridge United (LD3)3Plymouth Argyle (LD2)23,139
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-2
Cardiff City (LD3)3Slough Town (CONF)22,343
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-2
Colchester United (LD3)0Brentford (LD2)03,613
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0, Colchester United won 4-2 on penalties
Gillingham (LD2)0Bristol Rovers (LD2)24,459
Grimsby Town (LD2)4Shrewsbury Town (LD3)03,242
Leyton Orient (LD3)0Hendon (N/L)13,355
Lincoln City (LD3)3Gainsborough Trinity (N/L)25,726
Mansfield Town (LD3)0Oldham Athletic (LD2)14,097
Northampton Town (LD2)2Exeter City (LD3)15,259
Wakefield (N/L)3Morecambe (CONF)32,439
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Emley won 3-1 on penalties
Wednesday, 26th November 1997
Solihull Borough (N/L)3Darlington (LD3)32,000
after extra time, 90 minutes 3-3, Darlington won 4-2 on penalties
1st Round
Friday, 14th November 1997
Bristol Rovers (LD2)2Gillingham (LD2)24,825
Swansea City (LD3)1Peterborough United (LD3)42,821
Saturday, 15th November 1997
AFC Bournemouth (LD2)3Heybridge Swifts (N/L)03,385
Barnet (LD3)1Watford (LD2)24,040
Billericay Town (N/L)2Wisbech Town (N/L)31,947
Blackpool (LD2)4Blyth Spartans (N/L)34,814
Brentford (LD2)2Colchester United (LD3)22,899
Bristol City (LD2)1Millwall (LD2)08,413
Carlisle United (LD2)0Wigan Athletic (LD2)15,182
Carshalton Athletic (N/L)0Stevenage Borough (CONF)01,405
Cheltenham Town (CONF)2Tiverton Town (N/L)12,781
Chester City (LD3)2Winsford United (N/L)13,885
Chesterfield (LD2)1Northwich Victoria (CONF)05,327
Darlington (LD3)1Solihull Borough (N/L)12,318
Exeter City (LD3)1Northampton Town (LD2)14,605
Farnborough Town (CONF)0Dagenham & Redbridge (N/L)11,236
Hartlepool United (LD3)2Macclesfield Town (LD3)43,165
Hayes (CONF)0Boreham Wood (N/L)11,343
Hendon (N/L)2Leyton Orient (LD3)22,421
Hereford United (CONF)2Brighton & Hove Albion (LD3)15,787
Hull City (LD3)0Hednesford Town (CONF)26,091
Ilkeston (N/L)2Boston United (N/L)12,504
King's Lynn (N/L)1Bromsgrove Rovers (N/L)02,847
Lincoln City (LD3)1Gainsborough Trinity (N/L)16,014
Luton Town (LD2)0Torquay United (LD3)13,446
Morecambe (CONF)1Wakefield (N/L)11,496
Oldham Athletic (LD2)1Mansfield Town (LD3)15,253
Plymouth Argyle (LD2)0Cambridge United (LD3)04,793
Preston North End (LD2)3Doncaster Rovers (LD3)27,953
Rochdale (LD3)0Wrexham (LD2)23,956
Rotherham United (LD3)3Burnley (LD2)35,709
Scunthorpe United (LD3)2Scarborough (LD3)13,039
Shrewsbury Town (LD3)1Grimsby Town (LD2)13,193
Slough Town (CONF)1Cardiff City (LD3)12,262
Southport (CONF)0York City (LD2)43,952
Walsall (LD2)2Lincoln United (N/L)03,279
Woking (CONF)0Southend United (LD2)25,000
Wycombe Wanderers (LD2)2Basingstoke Town (N/L)23,932
Sunday, 16th November 1997
Margate (N/L)1Fulham (LD2)25,100
Notts. County (LD3)2Colwyn Bay (N/L)03,074