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F.A. Cup competition results from 2000/2001

A full listing of matches played in the competition throughout the season

Available competitions and seasons   
Saturday, 12th May 2001
Arsenal (PREM)1Liverpool (PREM)274,200
played at Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
Semi Final
Sunday, 8th April 2001
Arsenal (PREM)2Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)163,541
played at Old Trafford
Wycombe Wanderers (LD2)1Liverpool (PREM)240,037
played at Villa Park
6th Round
Saturday, 10th March 2001
Arsenal (PREM)3Blackburn Rovers (LD1)036,304
Leicester City (PREM)1Wycombe Wanderers (LD2)221,969
Sunday, 11th March 2001
Tranmere Rovers (LD1)2Liverpool (PREM)416,342
West Ham United (PREM)2Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)326,048
5th Round Replay
Tuesday, 20th February 2001
Tranmere Rovers (LD1)4Southampton (PREM)312,910
Wimbledon (LD1)2Wycombe Wanderers (LD2)29,464
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Wycombe Wanderers won 8-7 on penalties
Wednesday, 7th March 2001
Blackburn Rovers (LD1)3Bolton Wanderers (LD1)020,318
5th Round
Saturday, 17th February 2001
Bolton Wanderers (LD1)1Blackburn Rovers (LD1)122,048
Leicester City (PREM)3Bristol City (LD2)020,905
Southampton (PREM)0Tranmere Rovers (LD1)015,232
Sunderland (PREM)0West Ham United (PREM)136,005
Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)4Stockport County (LD1)036,047
Wycombe Wanderers (LD2)2Wimbledon (LD1)29,650
Sunday, 18th February 2001
Arsenal (PREM)3Chelsea (PREM)138,096
Liverpool (PREM)4Manchester City (PREM)236,231
4th Round Replay
Wednesday, 7th February 2001
Derby County (PREM)2Blackburn Rovers (LD1)515,203
Kingstonian (CONF)0Bristol City (LD2)13,341
Tuesday, 13th February 2001
Wimbledon (LD1)3Middlesbrough (PREM)15,991
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1
4th Round
Saturday, 27th January 2001
Aston Villa (PREM)1Leicester City (PREM)226,383
Blackburn Rovers (LD1)0Derby County (PREM)018,858
Bristol City (LD2)1Kingstonian (CONF)114,787
Crewe Alexandra (LD1)0Stockport County (LD1)17,318
Everton (PREM)0Tranmere Rovers (LD1)339,207
Leeds United (PREM)0Liverpool (PREM)237,108
Manchester City (PREM)1Coventry City (PREM)024,637
Queens Park Rangers (LD1)0Arsenal (PREM)619,003
Southampton (PREM)3Sheffield Wednesday (LD1)115,251
Sunderland (PREM)1Ipswich Town (PREM)033,626
Wycombe Wanderers (LD2)2Wolverhampton Wanderers (LD1)19,617
Sunday, 28th January 2001
Bolton Wanderers (LD1)5Scunthorpe United (LD3)111,737
Gillingham (LD1)2Chelsea (PREM)410,419
Manchester United (PREM)0West Ham United (PREM)167,029
Tuesday, 6th February 2001
Middlesbrough (PREM)0Wimbledon (LD1)020,625
Wednesday, 7th February 2001
Charlton Athletic (PREM)2Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)418,101
3rd Round Replay
Tuesday, 16th January 2001
Crewe Alexandra (LD1)2Cardiff City (LD3)15,785
Grimsby Town (LD1)1Wycombe Wanderers (LD2)33,269
Wednesday, 17th January 2001
Aston Villa (PREM)1Newcastle United (PREM)025,387
Crystal Palace (LD1)2Sunderland (PREM)415,454
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-2
Queens Park Rangers (LD1)2Luton Town (LD2)114,395
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1
Tuesday, 23rd January 2001
Scunthorpe United (LD3)1Burnley (LD1)14,709
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Scunthorpe United won 5-4 on penalties
Saturday, 27th January 2001
Dagenham & Redbridge (CONF)0Charlton Athletic (PREM)15,500
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0
Notts. County (LD2)0Wimbledon (LD1)19,084
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0
3rd Round
Saturday, 6th January 2001
AFC Bournemouth (LD2)2Gillingham (LD1)37,403
Blackburn Rovers (LD1)2Chester City (CONF)015,223
Bolton Wanderers (LD1)2Yeovil Town (CONF)111,161
Burnley (LD1)2Scunthorpe United (LD3)28,054
Cardiff City (LD3)1Crewe Alexandra (LD1)113,403
Carlisle United (LD3)0Arsenal (PREM)115,300
Charlton Athletic (PREM)1Dagenham & Redbridge (CONF)119,059
Chelsea (PREM)5Peterborough United (LD2)031,912
Derby County (PREM)3West Bromwich Albion (LD1)219,232
Huddersfield Town (LD1)0Bristol City (LD2)29,192
Leeds United (PREM)1Barnsley (LD1)032,386
Leicester City (PREM)3York City (LD3)016,850
Leyton Orient (LD3)0Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)112,336
Liverpool (PREM)3Rotherham United (LD2)030,689
Luton Town (LD2)3Queens Park Rangers (LD1)38,677
Manchester City (PREM)3Birmingham City (LD1)219,380
Morecambe (CONF)0Ipswich Town (PREM)35,923
Portsmouth (LD1)1Tranmere Rovers (LD1)211,058
Preston North End (LD1)0Stockport County (LD1)19,975
Sheffield Wednesday (LD1)2Norwich City (LD1)115,971
Southampton (PREM)1Sheffield United (LD1)014,158
Southend United (LD3)0Kingstonian (CONF)17,270
Sunderland (PREM)0Crystal Palace (LD1)030,908
Swindon Town (LD2)0Coventry City (PREM)214,445
Walsall (LD2)2West Ham United (PREM)39,402
Watford (LD1)1Everton (PREM)215,635
Wimbledon (LD1)2Notts. County (LD2)24,391
Wycombe Wanderers (LD2)1Grimsby Town (LD1)15,390
Sunday, 7th January 2001
Fulham (LD1)1Manchester United (PREM)219,178
Newcastle United (PREM)1Aston Villa (PREM)137,862
Nottingham Forest (LD1)0Wolverhampton Wanderers (LD1)114,601
Monday, 8th January 2001
Bradford City (PREM)0Middlesbrough (PREM)17,303
2nd Round Replay
Tuesday, 19th December 2000
Luton Town (LD2)2Darlington (LD3)03,563
Notts. County (LD2)2Wigan Athletic (LD2)13,349
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1
Oldham Athletic (LD2)0Peterborough United (LD2)13,404
Reading (LD2)1York City (LD3)36,968
Wycombe Wanderers (LD2)2Millwall (LD2)13,878
Wednesday, 20th December 2000
Leyton Orient (LD3)3Northwich Victoria (CONF)24,028
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-2
2nd Round
Friday, 8th December 2000
Walsall (LD2)2Barnet (LD3)13,699
Saturday, 9th December 2000
AFC Bournemouth (LD2)3Nuneaton Town (CONF)05,835
Bristol City (LD2)3Kettering Town (CONF)17,641
Cardiff City (LD3)3Cheltenham Town (LD3)19,910
Chester City (CONF)3Oxford United (LD2)22,798
Darlington (LD3)0Luton Town (LD2)03,641
Kidderminster Harriers (LD3)0Carlisle United (LD3)22,533
Lincoln City (LD3)0Dagenham & Redbridge (CONF)12,823
Morecambe (CONF)2Cambridge United (LD2)13,427
Northwich Victoria (CONF)3Leyton Orient (LD3)32,703
Rotherham United (LD2)1Northampton Town (LD2)04,964
Scunthorpe United (LD3)2Brighton & Hove Albion (LD3)13,879
Southport (CONF)1Kingstonian (CONF)23,659
Swindon Town (LD2)5Gateshead (NPL)03,907
York City (LD3)2Reading (LD2)22,926
Sunday, 10th December 2000
Blackpool (LD3)0Yeovil Town (CONF)13,757
Canvey Island (IPL)1Southend United (LD3)211,402
Canvey Island's home tie played at Southend United F.C.
Millwall (LD2)0Wycombe Wanderers (LD2)07,819
Peterborough United (LD2)1Oldham Athletic (LD2)15,662
Tuesday, 12th December 2000
Wigan Athletic (LD2)1Notts. County (LD2)13,886
1st Round Replay
Tuesday, 21st November 2000
Nuneaton Town (CONF)1Stoke City (LD2)04,477
Tuesday, 28th November 2000
Burton Albion (SPL)2Kidderminster Harriers (LD3)43,760
Hull City (LD3)0Kettering Town (CONF)13,858
Northwich Victoria (CONF)1Bury (LD2)02,869
Peterborough United (LD2)4Mansfield Town (LD3)04,540
Plymouth Argyle (LD3)1Chester City (CONF)23,264
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1
Port Vale (LD2)1Canvey Island (IPL)23,264
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0
Southend United (LD3)2Torquay United (LD3)13,877
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1
1st Round
Saturday, 18th November 2000
AFC Bournemouth (LD2)2Swansea City (LD2)03,608
Aldershot Town (IPL)2Brighton & Hove Albion (LD3)67,500
Barnet (LD3)2Hampton & Richmond Borough (IPL)12,340
Barrow (NPL)0Leyton Orient (LD3)23,608
Blackpool (LD3)3Telford United (CONF)12,780
Brentford (LD2)1Kingstonian (CONF)33,809
Bury (LD2)1Northwich Victoria (CONF)12,844
Cambridge United (LD2)2Rochdale (LD3)13,142
Carlisle United (LD3)5Woking (CONF)12,647
Cheltenham Town (LD3)4Shrewsbury Town (LD3)13,210
Chester City (CONF)1Plymouth Argyle (LD3)12,393
Chesterfield (LD3)0Bristol City (LD2)15,210
Dagenham & Redbridge (CONF)3Hayes (CONF)11,150
Darlington (LD3)6Sudbury Town (N/L)12,462
Forest Green Rovers (CONF)0Morecambe (CONF)31,023
Halifax Town (LD3)0Gateshead (NPL)21,902
Havant & Waterlooville (SPL)1Southport (CONF)21,118
Hednesford Town (CONF)2Oldham Athletic (LD2)42,053
Kettering Town (CONF)0Hull City (LD3)02,831
Kidderminster Harriers (LD3)0Burton Albion (SPL)03,384
Lincoln City (LD3)4Bracknell Town (N/L)02,387
Macclesfield Town (LD3)0Oxford United (LD2)12,141
Mansfield Town (LD3)1Peterborough United (LD2)13,257
Northampton Town (LD2)4Frickley Athletic (NPL)03,896
Reading (LD2)4Grays Athletic (IPL)05,643
Scunthorpe United (LD3)3Hartlepool United (LD3)13,552
Stoke City (LD2)0Nuneaton Town (CONF)08,437
Swindon Town (LD2)4Ilkeston (SPL)14,406
Torquay United (LD3)1Southend United (LD3)12,171
Walsall (LD2)4Exeter City (LD3)04,095
Wigan Athletic (LD2)3Dorchester Town (SPL)13,883
Wrexham (LD2)0Rotherham United (LD2)13,887
Wycombe Wanderers (LD2)3Harrow Borough (IPL)02,681
Yeovil Town (CONF)5Colchester United (LD2)14,552
Sunday, 19th November 2000
Canvey Island (IPL)4Port Vale (LD2)42,100
Cardiff City (LD3)5Bristol Rovers (LD2)18,013
Leigh Genesis (CONF)0Millwall (LD2)36,907
Leigh RMI's home tie played at Millwall F.C.
Radcliffe Borough (ND1)1York City (LD3)42,495
Radcliffe Borough's home tie played at Gigg Lane, Bury
Friday, 8th December 2000
Gravesend & Northfleet (IPL)1Notts. County (LD2)22,376
Gravesend & Northfleet's home tie played at Gillingham F.C.
4th Qualifying Round Replay
Tuesday, 31st October 2000
Burton Albion (SPL)3Boston United (CONF)22,299
Grays Athletic (IPL)1Northwood (N/L)0313
Southport (CONF)1Doncaster Rovers (CONF)01,354
Stevenage Borough (CONF)1Nuneaton Town (CONF)21,219
Welling United (SPL)2Dorchester Town (SPL)4459
Wednesday, 8th November 2000
Gloucester City (N/L)2Havant & Waterlooville (SPL)3
Horsham (N/L)0Yeovil Town (CONF)21,906
Saturday, 11th November 2000
Radcliffe Borough (ND1)2Burscough (NPL)1789
Monday, 13th November 2000
Telford United (CONF)4Hinckley United (N/L)1549
4th Qualifying Round
Saturday, 28th October 2000
Aylesbury United (N/L)0Bracknell Town (N/L)1
Barrow (NPL)6Whitley Bay (N/L)11,714
Bedlington Terriers (N/L)1Morecambe (CONF)3912
Belper Town (ND1)2Sudbury Town (N/L)3810
Billericay Town (IPL)0Hednesford Town (CONF)0721
Boston United (CONF)1Burton Albion (SPL)12,144
Burscough (NPL)1Radcliffe Borough (ND1)1459
Chesham United (IPL)0Kettering Town (CONF)2736
Doncaster Rovers (CONF)2Southport (CONF)21,886
Dorchester Town (SPL)1Welling United (SPL)1759
Easington Colliery (N/L)0Chester City (CONF)2478
Forest Green Rovers (CONF)3Bath City (SPL)1977
Frickley Athletic (NPL)1Hyde (NPL)0330
Gateshead (NPL)4Billingham Town (N/L)2381
Hampton & Richmond Borough (IPL)5Worcester City (SPL)0619
Harrow Borough (IPL)2Enfield (IPL)1504
Hayes (CONF)4Dulwich Hamlet (IPL)2464
Hinckley United (N/L)1Telford United (CONF)1675
Hucknall Town (NPL)0Ilkeston (SPL)11,436
Northwood (N/L)1Grays Athletic (IPL)1467
Nuneaton Town (CONF)1Stevenage Borough (CONF)11,554
Rushden & Diamonds (CONF)5Grantham Town (N/L)42,685
Scarborough (CONF)3Leigh Genesis (CONF)4858
Woking (CONF)1Hereford United (CONF)02,076
Tuesday, 31st October 2000
Aldershot Town (IPL)1Dover Athletic (CONF)02,873
Aldershot Town (IPL)1Dover Athletic (CONF)02,873
Cambridge City (SPL)0Canvey Island (IPL)2575
Havant & Waterlooville (SPL)1Gloucester City (N/L)1724
Havant & Waterlooville (SPL)1Gloucester City (N/L)1724
Yeovil Town (CONF)1Horsham (N/L)11,966
Yeovil Town (CONF)1Horsham (N/L)11,966
Monday, 13th November 2000
Hendon (IPL)1Dagenham & Redbridge (CONF)3519
3rd Qualifying Round Replay
Tuesday, 17th October 2000
Billingham Town (N/L)3Stalybridge Celtic (NPL)0
Burscough (NPL)6Witton Albion (ND1)1
Burton Albion (SPL)3Tamworth (SPL)1
Grantham Town (N/L)0Thurrock (IPL)0
Leek Town (NPL)1Sudbury Town (N/L)2
Lewes (N/L)0Dulwich Hamlet (IPL)0
Mossley (N/L)0Frickley Athletic (NPL)0
Whitley Bay (N/L)2Gainsborough Trinity (NPL)0
Wednesday, 18th October 2000
Gateshead (NPL)2Bamber Bridge (NPL)0
3rd Qualifying Round
Saturday, 14th October 2000
Bamber Bridge (NPL)1Gateshead (NPL)1
Bath City (SPL)3Sutton United (IPL)0
Bedlington Terriers (N/L)5Accrington Stanley (NPL)2515
Bishop's Stortford (N/L)1Billericay Town (IPL)2
Bracknell Town (N/L)1Banstead Athletic (N/L)0
Canvey Island (IPL)2King's Lynn (SPL)1
Dorchester Town (SPL)4Salisbury City (SPL)3
Easington Colliery (N/L)1Whitby Town (NPL)0
Farnborough Town (IPL)0Aylesbury United (N/L)2
Fisher Athletic (SPL)1Aldershot Town (IPL)2
Gainsborough Trinity (NPL)0Whitley Bay (N/L)0371
Gravesend & Northfleet (IPL)4Croydon (IPL)1
Hastings United (N/L)2Horsham (N/L)3
Hendon (IPL)2Redbridge (N/L)1
Hucknall Town (NPL)3Maidenhead United (IPL)2380
Ilkeston (SPL)3Baldock Town (N/L)0
Marine (NPL)0Radcliffe Borough (ND1)2325
Merthyr Tydfil (SPL)0Hampton & Richmond Borough (IPL)3
Mossley (N/L)1Frickley Athletic (NPL)1373
Northwood (N/L)5Uxbridge (N/L)1
Stafford Rangers (SPL)0Chesham United (IPL)2
Stalybridge Celtic (NPL)1Billingham Town (N/L)1479
Sudbury Town (N/L)1Leek Town (NPL)1425
Tamworth (SPL)1Burton Albion (SPL)1
Thurrock (IPL)2Grantham Town (N/L)2
Tiverton Town (N/L)1Gloucester City (N/L)3
Wakefield (NPL)1Barrow (NPL)2586
Wealdstone (N/L)2Belper Town (ND1)3290
Welling United (SPL)1Tonbridge Angels (N/L)0
Witton Albion (ND1)0Burscough (NPL)0335
Sunday, 15th October 2000
Dartford (N/L)0Havant & Waterlooville (SPL)4
2nd Qualifying Round Replay
Tuesday, 3rd October 2000
Accrington Stanley (NPL)4Durham City (N/L)2597
Bath City (SPL)2Basingstoke Town (IPL)0
Braintree Town (N/L)2Canvey Island (IPL)3
Croydon (IPL)2Carshalton Athletic (IPL)2
Fleetwood Freeport (N/L)1Witton Albion (ND1)2
Grays Athletic (IPL)2Chelmsford City (N/L)1
Hastings United (N/L)2Folkestone Invicta (SPL)0
Hinckley United (N/L)2Alfreton Town (N/L)1
Leek Town (NPL)3Newcastle Town (N/L)2
Maidenhead United (IPL)1Hitchin Town (IPL)1
Marske United (N/L)0Bamber Bridge (NPL)2
Oxford City (N/L)1Farnborough Town (IPL)2
St. Albans City (IPL)1Baldock Town (N/L)2
Stafford Rangers (SPL)0Solihull Borough (N/L)0
Sudbury Town (N/L)3Heybridge Swifts (IPL)2
Tamworth (SPL)1Stamford (N/L)1
2nd Qualifying Round
Saturday, 30th September 2000
Alfreton Town (N/L)1Hinckley United (N/L)1
Altrincham (NPL)0Mossley (N/L)3
Baldock Town (N/L)0St. Albans City (IPL)0
Bamber Bridge (NPL)1Marske United (N/L)1
Barrow (NPL)3Droylsden (NPL)0
Basingstoke Town (IPL)1Bath City (SPL)1
Bedford Town (N/L)0Enfield (IPL)0
Burscough (NPL)2Runcorn FC Halton (NPL)1
Canvey Island (IPL)1Braintree Town (N/L)1
Carshalton Athletic (IPL)1Croydon (IPL)1
Chelmsford City (N/L)1Grays Athletic (IPL)1
Chorley (ND1)0Whitby Town (NPL)2
Clevedon Town (SPL)2Salisbury City (SPL)4
Clitheroe (N/L)1Hyde (NPL)2
Crawley Town (SPL)1Aldershot Town (IPL)2
Durham City (N/L)2Accrington Stanley (NPL)2
Farnborough Town (IPL)3Oxford City (N/L)3
Folkestone Invicta (SPL)1Hastings United (N/L)1
Frickley Athletic (NPL)1Stocksbridge Park Steels (ND1)0
Gateshead (NPL)2Bishop Auckland (NPL)1
Halesowen Town (SPL)0Burton Albion (SPL)2
Hemel Hempstead Town (N/L)3Northwood (N/L)4
Hitchin Town (IPL)1Maidenhead United (IPL)1
Horden Colliery Welfare (N/L)1Gainsborough Trinity (NPL)3
Hucknall Town (NPL)4Congleton Town (ND1)0
Margate (SPL)0Banstead Athletic (N/L)1
Marine (NPL)4Colwyn Bay (NPL)3
Matlock Town (ND1)1King's Lynn (SPL)2
Newcastle Town (N/L)1Leek Town (NPL)1
Newport County (SPL)0Merthyr Tydfil (SPL)4
Radcliffe Borough (ND1)4West Auckland Town (N/L)1
Seaham Red Star (N/L)0Easington Colliery (N/L)3
Shepshed Dynamo (N/L)0Ilkeston (SPL)3
Solihull Borough (N/L)1Stafford Rangers (SPL)1
Spennymoor United (NPL)0Bedlington Terriers (N/L)3
Stalybridge Celtic (NPL)2Blyth Spartans (NPL)0
Stamford (N/L)1Tamworth (SPL)1
Tonbridge Angels (N/L)2Slough Town (IPL)0
Uxbridge (N/L)3Berkhamstead Town (N/L)2
Wakefield (NPL)3Salford City (N/L)1
Weymouth (SPL)0Dorchester Town (SPL)1
Whitley Bay (N/L)2Worksop Town (NPL)1
Windsor & Eton (N/L)0Hampton & Richmond Borough (IPL)3
Witton Albion (ND1)1Fleetwood Freeport (N/L)1
Worcester City (SPL)2Cirencester Town (N/L)1